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Pixellator: Mrs. Pix Gets a Massage

Lifestyle, Exhibitionist

These few pics stem from one of our adult events when Mrs. Pix, as usual, was partying naked. Turned out one of our familiar party friends of some years was moving out of the area and it occurred to us that despite having shared company on numerous occasions over time, he had never had his hands on Mrs. Pix. He was an amateur masseur and happened to have his gear in his vehicle, so we decided to mark this occasion of parting by offering Mrs. Pix up to his hands before the opportunity passed for good.

So that is what you see here … Mrs. Pix laid out nude under the respectfully roaming hands of our friend for the first and last time.

Enjoy …

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flag as inappropriate justrite    March 24, 2018

That's a cute pussy,makes my tongue hard.

 Pixellator    March 24, 2018VResident
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That's an interesting reaction ... you might want to get that checked! :-)

flag as inappropriate Stugotz    March 23, 2018
VCity Userpic

Looks as though lunch is served, eh? I do love the view of her mound and that lovely set of outer lips

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

She does make a lovely (and tasty) entree ...

flag as inappropriate Stugotz    March 24, 2018
VCity Userpic

Looks like a five star lunch to me!

flag as inappropriate Bob2020    March 23, 2018VResident

I have missed you guys so much, so glad to see you are back...and front as it were!

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

Sorry to have been away ... just a lot going on in real life, leaving little down time. We're ok and chugging along.

flag as inappropriate Bob2020    March 25, 2018VResident

Great to hear that.

flag as inappropriate Paulie69    March 23, 2018

Did someone release the tension built up in her swollen lips?

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

There was a lot of tensing and releasing that day ... :-)

flag as inappropriate JMcockey    March 23, 2018
VCity Userpic

Very nice gesture...P...she is lovely...mmmmm

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

Thank you

flag as inappropriate Hank Pivnik    March 23, 2018

Amazing body!! I wish I was giving that massage!!

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

It's not hard to talk her into one ...

flag as inappropriate tubesx1    March 23, 2018
VCity Userpic

Seems that she is already responding to his touch.... beautiful hot lips.

 Pixellator    March 23, 2018VResident
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I've noticed that this tends to happen ...

flag as inappropriate rppena123    March 23, 2018


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