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I'm Pixellator, husband of the lovely Mrs. Pix, the focus of this little online collection. Most of what you will find here are outtakes from real life. I am neither a professional photographer nor even an amateur artist, but I try to make each photo or video something a little special. We don't trade pics privately; what you see is what you get.

You can also find us on FetLife and SwingLifeStyle under the same name. Both sites have galleries and support private messaging.

Some commenters let their passions overflow into crude language and propositions, which Mrs. Pix finds off-putting. For this reason we will not respond to some comments, and may remove others. Let's all try to keep our VC experience positive and respectful of the ladies. Thank you.


Casual answers to some intimate questions some people ask (answered by him about her):

Nice bike, in your profile pic and some others; do you ride? >>> The motorcycle you see does not belong to us, but to some good friends. I'm actually quite reluctant to "ride", but I have to admit it's pretty cool being naked on one. Any bikers willing to provide a "loaner" for shooting?

Can I be your friend? >>> Why not? (Ohh, there are reasons ... )

How old are you? >>> Really? Let's just say I'm a Milf, but not a Gilf.

How much do you weigh? >>> REALLY???

What is your bra size? >>> I'm light enough up top that something thin and light is enough. When out with hubby I leave the underwear at home, so it doesn't matter.

How do you dress in everyday life? >>> I go for comfortable, often in yoga pants or similar and an athletic T in one of those thin performance fabrics. I don't go around showing off, but the yoga pants let some of my my curves show and the Ts may show a bit of nipple poke, but not enough to freak anyone out. When not in the yoga pants, my next choice, when the weather is warm enough, tends to be soft knit shorts that may be just a bit "cheeky"; again, not enough to draw attention. The heels and miniskirts and such are usually saved for excursions with my husband.

Where do you get your clothes? >>> Almost everything you will see me wearing in any of our photos is something that hubby has acquired. They range from online discounters to well-known designers (Chanel, Missoni, etc.) to the Salvation Army. Sometimes I make a few alternations to make them more "interesting". Rather than adult bookstore stuff, we both tend to favor legitimate fashion, perhaps "tweaked" into the grey zone.

Are you nudists? >>> A grey area. We used to be "card carrying" nudists - members of a nudist group with actual membership cards. We even held occasional nudist socials in our home. After some years, however, we found the nudist setting to be a bit limiting. In fact, some of our first public sex trysts came about after nudist events. We would leave such events after dark with me wearing just my towel and have sex against the car on the street before heading for home. Hubby would park out of view of the party house so that our nudist friends would not see, but after a while, people started noticing the pattern in our departures and wised up to "something" going on. We weren't expelled or anything like that; we just gravitated toward more libertine ways.

Some of your photos show you naked out in nature. Do you really hike naked? >>> Sometimes. There are some places and times when we feel safe from encountering unappreciative strangers (we don't want any trouble) and when that's the case, I do enjoy hiking just in my skin. Hubby and I have a deal that I'll hike naked if he carries all the gear and that seems to work out well for the both of us. :-)

Have you ever been caught? >>> Yes ... rarely. We genuinely avoid it, but it's happened.

Have you ever been BUSTED? >>> You mean "arrested"? No. Ticketed? Yes. But not in the way you would guess. We were once in a national park with hubby taking pictures of me as he often does. I turned the tables and asked to take pictures of HIM for a change. So he stripped off and for a while we were both naked with him posing for me. As we were distracted a park ranger suddenly appeared, saying he was going to have to write us a ticket. We attempted to protest, saying that no one was around so we thought it would be ok to be naked for just a few pictures. He said there was no problem with us being naked - it was against the law for us to have our dog off leash!

What's the most exposed you've ever been? >>> I guess that would have to be one of the times that we participated in Bay (Bare) to Breakers in San Francisco. I started the trek wearing just a sheer (sheer) beach cover-up, but within the first couple of blocks we came upon a couple of SFFD fire trucks and with hubby's persuasion (and the SFFD's permission), I climbed up on one of the fire trucks and stripped off the cover-up, tossing it down to hubby and leaving me completely naked. There was a wonderful, huge cheer from the crowd. I remained completely naked for the entire walk (about 7.5 miles) through downtown SF. Many thousands of people.

What is the most public sex you've ever had? >>> This is a bit hard to answer because there are many different angles. Sex on a nude beach with others watching? Yes. Sex in the middle of an adult party with others watching? Yes. Sneaky sex in a dark corner of a nightclub? Yes. Sex in a changing room in the middle of a store? Yes. Oral while driving? NO - safety first. Sex in a public restroom? No - ick. But what is probably more on the point of the question would be sex in the open air while stripped naked on a public street or parking lot - many times - sometimes leaning against cold metal, sometimes bent over the hood. I've never intended for this to be seen, and from my perspective I usually can't tell, but hubby has told me of a few times that we had watchers, from surfers hangin' at the beach to parking lot attendants ... I'm glad I didn't know.

You seem to get naked at a lot of parties. >>> Fair enough. The truth is that none of that would happen if it weren't for Hubby's arrangements, but doing so has led to a lot of fun and some remarkable experiences.

You're into CMNF (Clothed Male Nude Female)? >>> I had to ask hubs about "CMNF". So here's the thing ... though I often get very comfortable being openly naked in sex-positive settings, I'm not really an exhibitionist at heart. The "CMNF" aspect is really more hubby's thing - he says that my being nude among clothed people makes me even MORE naked than naked, which appeals to him a lot. So while I've been naked at many sex-positive events with all kinds of things going on with people in all states of dress, some of the most mind-bending have been those when I have been the only nude person in attendance.

Would you get naked at MY party??? >>> lol ... talk to hubby.

Can I party with you??? >>> Not really into stalkers, thank you. :-) Truth is, being exposed on the net like this can attract unwelcome attention, so we don't generally pre-announce events we attend.

Do you go to nude beaches or nudist resorts? >>> Not as much as you would think. We live within easy driving distance of one of the great nude beaches of the world, but don't go to it that often. The nudist resort that used to be within a reasonable drive has long since closed.

Do you go to adult bookstores or theaters? >>> Generally not. Only when looking for something specific that needs my involvement - like a costume item or maybe shoes for a particular adult party - otherwise I stay away. Obviously, some people are into such things, but feel ill at ease in such places at best. If there are guys lurking about it feels creepy real fast. Not for me. Oh - one long-ago stunt at an ABS - we did a hit-and-run nude photoshoot at an ABS: I got out of our car in the parking lot in nothing but heels and walked in the front door with some cash in hand. We took a number of photos around the shop, working our way up to the register in the back where I was going to try to buy a condom. I offered up the cash, when the attendant said only, "You can't take pictures in here." Not a word of objection about me walking around totally naked. Unfortunately, the pictures were eventually lost to a hard drive crash.

Most of your photos seem to be either completely naked or in sexy clothes; you don't seem to show yourself "flashing". >>> There's some truth in that; you can probably blame that on hubby. He prefers naked whenever possible, but when I can't be naked, he prefers clothing in the grey zone between decent and indecent - passable, preferably with a little class. That's not to say I don't flash for him, it just seems to be a lesser part of what we do.

Do you flash strangers? >>> Generally not, at least not intentionally. Appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, I actually try to keep myself properly together. Admittedly, that's sometimes a challenge.

What about Mardi Gras? Fantasy Fest? >>> Ok, yes, I've flashed at Mardi Gras and some other events where that kind of thing goes on, but I don't flash strangers otherwise.

How about streaking? >>> Streaking? Like 1970's? No. Streaking is a kind of stunt taking flashing to a confrontational, illegal, public extreme. That's not me at all. Even at Bare to Breakers when I walked naked in public for miles through the streets of downtown San Francisco, nudity in that specific setting was an accepted thing ... smiling cops and all.

What about being naked in the car? Surely you flash truckers? >>> Ok, it's true that I usually ride naked in the car when he and I travel. That's not flashing. Nobody in other passenger vehicles sees anything (amazingly) and I don't "show off", really. Being naked in the car is just a way of making the travel more fun and is surprisingly private. Rarely, however, a trucker in one of those high cabs may notice my "traveling clothes" and indicate his appreciation. I may smile and wave, maybe turn a little to give him a brief torso view and then we continue on our way. Hubby says it's a public service. :-)

How about restaurants? It seems from some of your pictures that you flash in restaurants. >>> You're reading a bit much into those pictures. It's true that we play with clothes at restaurants sometimes. Usually that is fairly private, romantic, discreet fun unnoticed by others. Sometimes the clothing may get a bit edgy, but we try to our fun within acceptable bounds. "Acceptable" can be situational, of course. On rare occasion the bounds can be very liberal, like the time I stripped completely naked in front of everyone in an open bar - with the owner's approval. Situational discretion is key.

Show us your feet! >>> Ok, now and then.

Nice pussy! How do you get it so smooth? >>> Thank you. The truth is, it isn't usually "smooth" every day. But when date night comes around, I usually clean up using depilatory lotion. I can't seem to shave - maybe it's "TMI", but I tend to break out in bumps if I shave. Depilatory creams or lotions can be pretty irritating if allowed to slip into tender places, but I have a system that works for me.

Can I lick it? >>> lol ... if your face ever ends up between my legs, yes, feel free to lick.

When did you lose your virginity? >>> In college ... with my future husband.

Are you bi? >>> Yes. I prefer men, most especially my husband, but time with a special girlfriend can be ... special.

Do you like toys? >>> Not really a favorite thing; I don't know why. I've occasionally had toys used on me with great effect, it's just not something I gravitate to; I guess I just prefer the real thing. :-)

Are you into BDSM? >>> An understandable question, since some of our pics lean that way, but I have to say, just "sort of". We have been around the periphery of that world for years, but for us it's more of an occasional thing than a lifestyle. Not something explained in a couple of sentences.

Are you Domme? sub? Switch? >>> Like I just said, not easily explained in a couple of sentences. For the most part, "none of the above". Where it is relevant, hubby leans Dom and I lean sub - but - IRL, don't cross me! :-)

Do you swing? >>> Another grey area. The answer is "yes", but "yes" probably suggests a more unvarnished image than what is really the truth. We don't actively seek alternate sex partners so much as enjoy a variety of sexually adventurous experiences. This sometimes involves friends in sexually-charged settings, and at times this has involved sex that can be fairly described as "swinging". So in that rather diluted way ... yeah.

Have you been in an orgy? >>> I guess I have to say yes. I've been a tangle of as many as five people (MMFFF) on one bed. I've been at parties with several king mattresses pressed edge to edge and sex going on everywhere. I've been at many events where sex acts would go any anywhere, anytime, bed or no bed ... in a pool or hot tub, against the wall, hood of a car, on the lawn, on a banquet table (hubs once ate me for dessert, naked on the banquet table at a formal dinner party) ... so ... yeah.

Gangbang? >>> I'm guessing you mean have I been the "bangee". Probably not technically so. I've received a lot of attention and handling from a lot of men, but being the designated, exclusive sex toy du jour for a handful of men? No.

How many men have you sucked? >>> Ok, I'm not going to get numerical here, but it's safe to say more than can be counted on one hand.

How many men have you fucked? >>> Same answer.

How many women have you eaten? >>> Ok, this is a less common experience - would be nice if it were more so - a handful.

How 'bout anal? >>> How 'bout it? Perhaps you will forgive me being a bit vague - I think it is fair to say that I am far more experienced in the "anal arts" than are the strong majority of women (or men), but this is a matter of high privacy between me and hubby.

Have you ever had a "fwb" or "fuckbuddy"? >>> Probably not in the sense you mean. Hubby and I are almost always together, though often he is behind a camera while I play. There's only been a couple of times when I have played alone with another person (M or F), and those were at parties where hubs was present, though maybe not "right there".

Have you ever had "DP" (double penetration)? >>> Yes, a few times. No photos, since one of the "duo" has always been hubs, more into ME than his camera (yay). A couple of those were private (MMF with only the hubs and M and me present), but one memorable experience was with another couple in the middle of a swinger party ... hubs was in my vagina (reverse cowgirl) while the other husband was in my mouth. The other wife was massaging hubs' balls. I was a bit loud and a bit of a spectacle. I don't remember if hubs came or not, but it was one of the few times that I had another man cum in my mouth in the middle of a party. Also, I squirted that time, which I don't usually do.

Can I fuck you? >>> That had to come next, right? Let's just say no and move on.

Wanna see my dickpic? >>> Umm ... no again.

How about a tribute? >>> Oh, please ... no.

Wanna cyber (video/chat/email)? >>> No. I don't care to be involved in that. Hubby deals with that side of things for the both of us.

Do you take requests? >>> Umm. I don't really know. That may sound odd, but if Hubby shoots something in response to a request, he generally doesn't tell me about it.

Have you ever been in the adult entertainment industry? >>> Definitely not. I was once in an amateur night at a strip club, stripping down to my heels, but that was strictly for fun. I've also done a tiny bit of totally amateurish modeling for amateur photographers alongside paid models, but that was also just for fun.


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